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08 Oct 2014 - Child Survivor Fund
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Child Survivor Fund

Child Survivor Fund

The Claims Conference has reached a landmark agreement with the German Finance Ministry to provide compensation to Jewish child survivors of the Holocaust, defined as Nazi victims born on or after 1 January 1928.

Specifically, the reparation covers those who were in concentration camps, ghettos or were, for at least six months in Nazi-occupied territory or 12 months in Axis countries, in hiding or living under false identity. Those eligible will receive a one-time payment of €2,500 (approximately £2,000).

Unlike the Claims Conference operated Article II Fund, there is no income or savings criteria but recipients of the Article II can also receive this lump sum award. Similarly, there is no restriction if a person receives the German government compensation, known as BEG.

In negotiating the establishment of the Fund with the German government, the Claims Conference delegation emphasised the trauma Jewish children suffered during the Holocaust that has in many cases overshadowed the rest of their lives. Their experiences included devastating separation from parents, witnessing unimaginable atrocities, malnutrition and a range of physically abusive situations. These early traumas are now resulting in late-onset physical and psychological problems that only now are appearing as concrete symptoms in their old age.

The agreement follows the first-ever symposium of Jewish Child survivors held in Berlin on August 27th at Centrum Judaicum in Berlin. “Lost Childhood. Jewish Childhood Survivors” was organised by the Claims Conference in cooperation with the World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust and Descendants (WFJCSD) and the Centre of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors in Israel.

The fund is expected to become operational on 1 January 2015 after which application forms will be available and circulated. To register your interest in receiving an application form please email