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23 Mar 2011 - "Restitution in Austria today"

"Restitution in Austria today"

"Restitution in Austria today"

AJR members particpated at an event at the residence of the Austrian Ambassador on Monday 4 April where a panel of speakers addressed an audience on the subject of "Restitution in Austria today".

The panellists talked about Austria’s efforts in recent years to return real estate and cultural objects looted in the Holocaust and to pay compensation for personal suffering and losses.

The panellists included, Anne Webber, co-Chair of the Commission on Looted Art in Europe; Christoph Bazil from the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture; Georg Graf of the University of Salzburg; and Michael Newman, Director of the Association of Jewish Refugees.

The event was hosted by His Excellency Dr Emil Brix, the Austrian Ambassador, at the Ambassador’s Residence in Belgrave Square.