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AJR Journal celebrates 70th anniversary edition

AJR Journal celebrates 70th anniversary edition

It is with great pride that the Association of Jewish Refugees will be publishing the 70th anniversary edition of its monthly AJR Journal in January with a series of articles from its extensive archive.

First published in January 1946 as AJR Information, the AJR Journal has chronicled the story of the Jewish refugees from Nazi oppression capturing their traditions and customs as well as their strong cultural identity.

Through a rich collection of articles, profiles and valuable biographical information, such as obituaries and search notices, the Journal has recounted the story of the refugees – from their perspective – in real time and covers in great detail historic post war developments such as the Nuremberg Trials and the introduction of restitution laws as well as seminal events, from the Declaration of the State of Israel to the collapse of Communism.

The Journal also documents the considerable contribution to Britain made by the refugees and reflects the social and cultural context of how they recreated their lives as well as the attitude and culture of the Jewish community. It also includes book, theatre and art reviews as well as reports from the AJR’s considerable activities and successes over seven decades.

As one of the longest running publications in the Jewish community, the Journal continues to be of great interest to researchers and academics and with every back copy now available through the AJR website at it is also readily accessible.

Speaking ahead of the 70th anniversary edition, AJR Chairman Andrew Kaufman, said: “It gives me enormous pleasure to congratulate all those involved in producing our much loved publication and to recall with great affection the tremendous contribution of so many brilliant, incisive and witty contributors over the past seventy years. Through our mouthpiece we are continuously connected to our members throughout the country. From erudite historical overviews to the round-up of our activities and – my personal favourite, the letters pages – there really is something for everyone.”

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