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Extracts from the Aug 2007 Journal

Internment: the sequel

The wartime internment of many thousands of Jewish refugees by the British government (see last month’s issue of the AJR Journal) probably arouses more heated and divergent reactions than any other single event in the history of the refugees in Britain. Since the 1980s, the facts about internment have been made widely known by historical studies, such as those of Peter and Leni Gillman and Ronald Stent, and are no longer the subject of much dispute. Instead, it is the conflicting views of internment that have taken centre stage in more recent years. [more...]

A week in Wrocław (Breslau)

It was about time to visit the home town of my parents and grandparents. I had lectured in Birmingham and at the annual Limmud study week on the history of Breslau Jewry, but without ever having set foot in the city. [more...]

What we did in the holidays

We did what every Jewish middle-class family in Vienna did every summer: pack trunks with three months’ worth of clothes and household gear and move into a rented house that had to meet three conditions - to be by a lake, in the mountains, and within easy reach of the Salzburg Music Festival. Total bliss was taken for granted; a lid for the wooden seat over the cesspit was a desirable extra. [more...]

Art notes

On the 50th anniversary of the death of David Bomberg, the Boundary Gallery is showing 32 paintings and works on paper from their own and private collections. Recognised today as one of the greatest Jewish Expressionists, Bomberg, born in 1890 to an immigrant family, gained little recognition in his own lifetime, although his students at the Borough Polytechnic continue to cherish his legacy. [more...]

Letter from Israel

A society in which no individual is above the law

Whatever the eventual outcome of the plea bargain arrangement reached by the lawyers acting for former President Katzav and Israel’s Attorney-General, the Israeli public has proved that it cares. [more...]

Central Office for Holocaust Claims

Nuremberg art archives


Letters to the Editor

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