Extracts from the Aug 2010 Journal

Untimely demises

The resignation of David Laws, the Liberal Democrat who served briefly as Chief Secretary to the Treasury, had the potential seriously to destabilise David Cameron’s coalition government. Laws, with his experience of the financial world and evident willingness to take the hard decisions necessary to bring down the British government’s budget deficit, had seemed to be an almost ideal candidate for the post until a scandal arising from his private life brought him low. [more...]

Art notes (review)

It has been a roller-coaster of a month for the Ben Uri Gallery. Their decision to stage an exhibition of Crucifixion paintings, Cross Purposes: Shock and Contemplation in Images of the Crucifixion, split the Jewish community. A Jewish Chronicle poll immediately after the opening resulted in a 66 per cent ‘No’ vote to a Jewish gallery featuring the Crucifixion, which David Glasser, co-chair of the Ben Uri executive, rejected as out-dated and unrepresentative. He moved swiftly to email the community in an attempt to reverse this vote and was vindicated by a 200-strong wave of positive emails in favour of the exhibition. [more...]

Claims News

Terezin Declaration
At the end of May in Prague, 43 nations adopted a set of ‘Guidelines and Best Practices for the Restitution and Compensation of Immovable (Real) Property Confiscated or Otherwise Wrongfully Seized by the Nazis, Fascists and Their Collaborators during the Holocaust (Shoah) Era between 1933-1945, Including the Period of World War II’. [more...]

Letter from Israel

I never intended to become a translator. It just happened. I first began translating after my daughter was born and I could no longer go out to work. My knowledge of Hebrew was minimal and I frequently had to use a dictionary but, with the passing years, this was needed less and less. For a long time I worked from home as a freelance translator from Hebrew to English, then in a paid position at Israel’s central bank, translating and editing its English-language publications. [more...]

Letters to the Editor

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