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Extracts from the Feb 2007 Journal

In memory of Herbert Sulzbach

Lightening the February gloom

Mother's help

Speaking again: hidden children of the Holocaust (Review article)

Ce n'est qu'un nom sur une liste, mais c'est mon cimetière: Traumas, deuils et transmission chez les enfants juifs cachés en France pendant l'Occupation
(It's Only a Name on a List, But It's My Cemetery: Trauma, Grieving and Transmission among Jewish Children Hidden in France during the Occupation)
by Yoram Mouchenik
Grenoble: La Pensée Sauvage, Editions, 2006, 173 pp., 20 euros [more...]

Letter from Israel

Towards a victim mentality (book review)

by Walter Laqueur
Oxford University Press, 2006, 228 pp., £12.99 (Amazon) [more...]

Central Office for Holocaust Claims

General insurance claim

Towards the end of last year a settlement was reached committing the Italian insurance giant Assicurazioni Generali to settle policies bought by people who became victims of the Holocaust. [more...]

Letters to the Editor

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