Extracts from the Feb 2013 Journal

The culture of Viennese Jewry at the fin de siècle (Part II)

From 1848, and especially from 1867, Jews from elsewhere in the Austro-Hungarian Empire flocked to Vienna, with its opportunities for economic and social betterment, for life in a modern metropolis, and for a widening of horizons far beyond those of the traditional Jewish communities of the East. The creation of Vienna as a modern city was symbolised by the building of the Ringstrasse, which had begun in the 1850s but came to exemplify the emergence of a new, liberal, modernised capital. For Jews at this time, Vienna seemed to hold the prospect of almost limitless opportunities, and part of their response was the remarkable cultural efflorescence created by the city’s Jewish community. [more...]

A record of the fate of Polish Jewry (review)

This is one of the few books about the Shoah reviewed in the AJR Journal that relates to the experiences of the rare survivors from Poland. ‘Gone to Pitchipoi’ was the term used by Polish Jews to describe fellow Jews sent to unknown destinations by the Nazis, knowing that few would be seen again. [more...]

Letter from Israel

Three books I have read in the last few months, all of them well-researched and dealing in one way or another with art or artists and the Second World War, have given me many hours of interest and plenty to think about. [more...]

Letters to the Editor

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