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Extracts from the Jan 2005 Journal

Europe v USA: continental rift (editorial)

Our mid-2004 editorial 'The Fourth and Fourteenth of July' traced the connection between the American War of Independence and the French Revolution. Today, after George Bush's election victory and President Chirac's call for a stronger Europe as a counterweight to America, we see the relations between the two more in terms of disconnection than connection. [more...]

AJR appoints new Head of Media and Public Relations

The Association of Jewish Refugees is delighted to announce the appointment of Michael Newman as our new Head of Media and Public Relations. He will co-ordinate our efforts to identify potential new members and produce information to advise them of the extensive welfare, social and financial services from which they can benefit. [more...]

The lesser and the greater Johnson

The Boris Johnson and David Blunkett 'scandals' have re-ignited the debate about how private the private life of public figures should be. Opinion seems to be split down the middle. Extreme libertarians say what politicians get up to in the privacy of their own - or their mistresses' - homes should be a taboo subject. Old-fashioned moralists argue that MPs who frame the laws that govern our lives ought themselves to live up to certain moral standards. [more...]

Frank Foley - the paper trail

The unveiling of a plaque to Frank Foley in the British embassy in Berlin in November 2004 was a remarkable about-turn in the British Government's view of its recent past. Foley was, after all, only a minor civil servant in the Passport Control Office, albeit using that as a cover for his real work of reporting to Britain's Special Intelligence service on unfolding events in pre-Second World War Germany. [more...]

Art Notes (review)

There's still time to visit the Raphael exhibition at the National Gallery - it ends on 16 January. Raphael: From Urbino to Rome is as much the story of a gifted artist as of an ambitious opportunist who absorbed the techniques of his great contemporaries, and ended up at the age of 25 as a rival to Michaelangelo in the papal court of Rome. [more...]

Rightful place in history restored (review)

Susan Pedersen
New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2004, 469pp. [more...]

Central Office for Holocaust Claims

Signing of Austrian life certificates

As reported in last month's Journal, the AJR is now able to notarise the Lebensbescheinigungen (life certificates) for Austrian pensioners. Life certificates will be issued at the beginning of January and AJR members are invited to visit the AJR offices in Stanmore or the Day Centre in West Hampstead. Members unable to reach either of these locations will be able to have their certificates signed at an AJR regional group meeting or during a home visit by an AJR social worker. [more...]