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Extracts from the Jul 2001 Journal

A worthy heir to Beaverbrook?

When victims become culprits

Prophets without honour in their own country


Lost cause

Along Tel Aviv’s sea front on a summer’s Shabbat eve the pavements, restaurants, bars and clubs are thronged with Israel’s young men and women, many in military uniform, outflanking the pressures of an undeclared war. Enmity and hatred inculcated by successive generations of Arab leaders, conjoined with the deliberate maintenance of poverty in the West Bank and Gaza by immensely wealthy brethren, led a suicide bombing to take the lives of 20 of these young Israelis - most 16-year-old Russian immigrant girls - and seriously injure 120 others. [more...]

Central Office for Holocaust Claims

Art Notes

Murder in their midst

NEIGHBOURS, Jan Tomasz Gross, Princeton University Press, 2001. [more...]

Death of a culture

THE WANDERING JEWS, Joseph Roth, Granta, 2001. [more...]

Seeker after the ultimate

Obituary: Alice Schwab