Extracts from the Jun 2003 Journal

Everest of illogicality

German insurers reveal names of Holocaust victims

At the end of April 2003 a number of German insurance companies made public the names of 363,232 victims of the Holocaust who were covered by life insurance policies but whose records were previously sealed. The names are available from the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims.
A further 16,000 names will become available from the Commission's ongoing research in insurance and state archives across Europe. [more...]

Is there a Jewish shmaltz gene?

Science Notebook: More about coffee

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The Oscars The 2003 Oscars focused on the Holocaust in several ways. The Pianist, based on Wladyslaw Szpylman's autobiography, gathered awards for best director, actor and screenplay. The best foreign-language film Oscar went to Nowhere in Africa, a dramatisation of Stefanie Zweig's autobiographical novel about a German Jewish family who found refuge in Kenya. A no less worthy contender for the award was Prisoners of Paradise, a documentary about Kurt Gerron. The actor, who had played the eponymous cabaret owner in The Blue Angel, was a prisoner in Terezin, where the Nazis tricked him into directing the propaganda film Der Führer schenkt den Juden eine Stadt with a promise to save his life. [more...]

'Churchill in Whitehall'