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Extracts from the May 2002 Journal

Turning black into white (editorial)

The once hugely popular Black-and-White Minstrel Show belongs to a genre of entertainment now deemed politically incorrect, and consequently dead as the dodo. Instead, we have the Ali G phenomenon, where a white actor doesn’t black up, but dresses and talks like a Brixton rapper. [more...]

A debt disavowed

In November 1947, when the UN voted to partition Palestine – thereby giving the legal imprimatur to the creation of Israel – the Hindu Maharadja of Kashmir attached his territory to India without consulting the majority Muslim population. Ever since, the unresolved issue of Kashmir has exacerbated Indian-Pakistani relations, and heightened intercommunal tensions inside India. During the last bout of intercommunal carnage a few months ago, Hindu fanatics caused Muslim fatalities that ran into four figures. [more...]

Europe – a superstate?

France is bucking the European trend towards middle-of-the-road or centre-right administrations by having a socialist government outflanked on the left by disparate Marxists, who poll as many votes as the Lib Dems once did over here. Unsurprisingly, this ultra-left is mirrored by an extreme right, through, happily, Le Pen no longer exerts his former pull. [more...]


The year 2001, which marked the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the Association of Jewish Refugees during the Second World War, was celebrated by a number of specially arranged events. In June a symposium on AJR Information as a remarkable publishing achievement, organised with the Universities of Sussex and London, brought together refugees and many distinguished academics, with Lord Moser, Prof John Grenville and Prof Edward Timms among the contributors. In September over 500 members, founders and their families were welcomed to a magnificent anniversary tea and entertainment at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel. All enjoyed the opportunity to meet and greet old friends and acquaintances and to celebrate the Association’s six decades of continuous service to the Jewish refugee community. The AJR Shabbat service at Belsize Square Synagogue in November, led by Rabbi Rodney Mariner, was attended by many members and friends. Camden’s Mayor, Cllr Roger Robinson, who was called to a reading of the Torah, congratulated the Association. Research, writing and preparations were made for the AJR-sponsored exhibition ‘Continental Britons’, which narrates the story of Jewish refugees from Nazi Europe with which the 60th anniversary celebrations will conclude in 2002.

Membership and AJR Groups

There were 3,648 members of the AJR at the end of 2001, including 149 new members, a number greater than those who passed away during the year. [more...]

Fascism in Hampstead, 1945–1949 - Part 2

Face the Facts Association

One of the extremist organisations aligned with the Hampstead Petition Movement was the violently nationalistic Face the Facts Association, run by Mrs Eleonora Tennant. Tennant had strong links with fascist groups and was seen as a fascist herself by the general public. She attended planning meetings of Jeffrey Hamm’s British League of Ex-Servicemen and Women and ‘shared antisemitic jokes with the fascists there.’ The Face the Facts Association shared some of its membership with the Housewives’ League, which apparently allowed its speakers to stand on fascist platforms and make antisemitic speeches. [more...]

The terrible dilemma

David Cesarani and Paul A Levine (eds.)
Frank Cass, 2002 [more...]

Central Office for Holocaust Claims

Tax breaks

Lump sum compensation payments received by Holocaust survivors will be excluded from inheritance tax (IHT) under an extended concession announced in March by the British government. [more...]

Israel, the Jews and antisemitism

The journalist Melanie Phillips, pilloried by a BBC Television Question Time television audience when she spoke of Israel as a democracy, gave a penetrating analysis of British attitudes to Israel and the Jews to members of the Guild of Jewish Journalists. [more...]