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Extracts from the May 2003 Journal

The longest hatred – and the longest march (editorial)

From Gallia to Gaullism

Still revealing Nazi victims’ fates: Germany’s International Tracing Service

Flowers from evil?

Israel and Palestine: Why they fight and can they stop?
Bernard Wasserstein
Profile Books, 2003 [more...]


60th Anniversary

The highlight event of AJR’s 60th Anniversary celebrations was the ‘Continental Britons’ exhibition at the Jewish Museum, opened by Lord Moser. It was accompanied by a film of refugee testimonies, a history of the experiences of the German-speaking Jewish refugee community in Britain specially written by Dr Anthony Grenville, and complemented with a programme of talks, visits and concerts which together attracted a record 10,000 visitors. [more...]

Dr Hannah Hedwig Striesow: Distinguished citizen (profile)

Learning from the past: Britain’s controls on 1930s Jewish immigration