Extracts from the May 2007 Journal

How the Jewish refugees thanked Britain

A salute to Wolf Suschitzky

Art Notes (review)

For 25 years Polish-born artist Roman Halter held in his memory the faces he saw on the transports to Auschwitz. The face of an angelic young girl in her mother’s arms. The mothers who accompanied their children rather than relinquish them to the Nazi murderers. The face of his mother looking down from the synagogue beneath the fine veil of her mantilla. The face of his brother who was hanged. The face of the man who died on the electrified fence because he had lost his children. The faces of starvation. And, most symbolically perhaps, the face of Moses the Prophet. [more...]

Letter from Israel

A restoration comedy

Central Office for Holocaust Claims

Insurance Commission winds up its work

Having made payments totalling more than US$300 million to settle 48,263 claims, the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims (ICHEIC) was wound up at the end of March. [more...]

AJR Annual Report 2006

Highlights of the year


Letters to the Editor

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