Extracts from the Sep 2001 Journal

Trotsky Recycled

Though the ‘great’ revolutionary has been dead these sixty years, his ghost refuses to lie down. This is shown by various current developments which range from the sublime to the ridiculous. To start with the latter, cinema-goers will soon see Trotsky, the sexagenarian lover, on screen. A Hollywood film, currently in production, features him and the painter couple Frieda Kahlo and Diego Rivera in an ‘eternal triangle’ situation. Trotsky is Geoffrey Rush, whose role as the pianist in Shine established him as a first-rate interpreter of brilliant Jewish monomaniacs. [more...]

Refugee mementos needed for new exhibition

Photographs, artefacts and documents relating to refugee experiences and refugee organisations are sought for an exhibition currently being created to record and illustrate the experiences of German-speaking Jewish refugees in Britain. Sponsored by the AJR, in association with the Jewish Museum and the Wiener Library, the exhibition is due to open at the Jewish Museum, Camden, in the spring of next year, a major event in celebration of the AJR’s 60th Anniversary. [more...]

Exiles to the left of them – exiles to the right of them

One of the questions which puzzled observers of the S. African scene during the apartheid years was the fact that the Afrikaners, though descended from Dutch stock, were infinitely more bigoted and backward-looking than their cousins ‘back home’. [more...]

Name association games

During the American presidential election campaign,  ‘shrinks’ reported that the long drawn-out election battle caused some of their clients to have dreams revolving around images suggested by the names of the presidential candidates. Some dreamt of the burning bush out of which God spoke to Moses – others of blood and mayhem. A presidential candidate, almost as unfortunately named as Al Gore, was Bob Dole; his name must, at least subconsciously, have suggested unemployment pay to American voters. However, name association games can also yield humorous results. At the time of the Watergate scandal a lot of innocent amusement could be derived from the fact that two of the main culprits were called Ehrlichman and Kleindienst (Ehrlich translates as honest, and ein kleiner Dienst is a small service). [more...]

Anglo-Jewry and the Refugees from the Continent

Final part [more...]

A weighty work

THE HOLOCAUST ENCYCLOPAEDIA, ed. Walter Laqueur, University Press, 2000 [more...]

Collaboration or self-help?

THE INEXTINGUISHABLE SYMPHONY, Martin Goldsmith, John Wiley & Sons Inc, NY, 2000 [more...]

The Last Kindertransport

Sixty-one years ago, a small number of German and Austrian Jewish children were able to reach safety in Britain from German-occupied territory. They disembarked at Liverpool harbour on 15 May 1940 after crossing the Channel and moving northwards along Britain’s western coastline. An attempt to land on the south coast had failed as overzealous gunners, taking their boat - the SS Bodegraven - for an enemy vessel, had opened fire. [more...]

Central Office for Holocaust Claims

Austrian Reconciliation Fund

With the rejection of two law suits in a US court, those victims of Nazi persecution used as slave and forced labourers in Austria can now receive compensation payments. In exchange for providing reparations, the Austrian state and industry have secured legal peace. [more...]