Extracts from the Sep 2008 Journal

Three perspectives on Venice

My beloved Quaker school

My beloved Quaker school
I had always thought that although I experienced some family tragedies, my life during the Nazi period was not worth recording in this journal, compared with the heart-breaking and horrendous memoirs written by others. [more...]

Art notes (review)

The Jews of Linz (review)

by Verena Wagner
Linz: Wagner Verlag, 2008, 2 vols. 1,476 pp. [more...]

Painting Kokoschka

AJR Report

Kindertransport pensions
After a long campaign spearheaded by former KT Chairman Hermann Hirschberger, certain Kindertransport refugees who fled to Britain, and whose parents were of German nationality, may be entitled to an increase in their German retirement pensions following a change in British pension law announced by the Minister for Pensions Reform, Mike O’Brien. [more...]

Letter from Israel

The problem of acute cognitive dissonance
Hardly surprisingly, a recent survey found that most Israelis have little confidence in the country’s political leadership. They have slightly more confidence - but still not much - in such institutions as the courts, the police, and the attorney general’s office. The current president, Shimon Peres, is perceived as being better than his predecessor - though, again, coming hard on the heels of a serial sexual offender, that can hardly be difficult. [more...]

Letters to the Editor

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