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Search Notices

For members and others attempting to re-establish contact with friends or family members, the AJR Journal publishes, for a nominal fee, a regular column of search Notices.

Authors, makers of film and television documentaries, researchers and research institutes, academics and students also place notices to request contact from survivors and refugees and invite testimony from members who witnessed the relevant events, as well as to obtain access to original documents, photographs, artefacts and records.

To place a search notice in the next available edition of the AJR Journal please email search@ajr.org.uk

Current search notices appear below.

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17 names beginning with C

Capuut Jewish Children's Home -

My aunt Eveline Alkan, b. 1925 Berlin d. 1990 in Israel, stayed in 1936-38 in this home, probably in or near Berlin. Any info on the home and/or its archives pls to



   e-mail: dalkan@inter.net.il

Carsch, Hans Helmuth - came to England as a refugee in 1936 (?). In September 1939 he volunteered for the British Army, being inducted into the 87th Division, Pioneer Corps (?).In 1940 he was in France and was shipped back via St Malo several days after Dunkirk, for which he was awarded a campaign ribbon. Around December 1942 he was temporarily released from the army to work in a small munitions factory in Sudbury, Middx. Any information on his service in the British Army, please contact
   e-mail: ellencarsch@aol.com

Centrum Judaicum in Berlin -

The Centrum Judaicum in Berlin is preparing a book on the subject ‘German Field Rabbis in the First World War’. We are seeking materials on the life and works of these rabbis and of any witnesses and descendents who may have materials or information relating to them. Some of the rabbis may have emigrated to Britain. Any information please

   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Chapman, Stella -

Who remembers Stella Chapman from the World Press Service and Ritz Translation Bureau in Manchester in 1938-44? She was very helpful to a family of Austrian refugees from Vienna: Norbert, Sophie and Erwin Roth. Please contact Evelyn Adunka at Deinhardsteingasse 18/9, 1160 Vienna

   e-mail: adunkacm@utanet.at or adunkacm@gmx.net

Children of La Hille - Kinder-Link, the newsletter of the KTA in America, is planning to publish a lead article on this subject. Information is needed on recent meetings among survivors, and, above all, on how to make direct contact with survivors, possibly for a first-hand account of their experiences. Attempts to contact Walter Reed, who has written and spoken about the experience here in the USA, have failed. Any information please
   e-mail: ireneschmied@verizon.net

Clausen, Hilda (Becker) - lived in the house of Cicely Marshall in London from June 1939 and during the war, helping with domestic and other work. Historian working on exiles and refugees in wartime London seeks any information available about her.
   e-mail: GiovannaFV@btinternet.com

Co-ed Jewish school in Poland - evacuated to Denmark then Wales 1939. When the teachers were interned in 1940 some or all of the pupils were temporarily housed with Quaker Walter Birmingham near Dorking, Surrey. Info pls
   e-mail: M.D.P.Bridge@city.ac.uk

Cohen, Erich/Eric B. -

My father, Stephen Kates (Werner Katz), is looking for his friend, who came with him to England via Kindertransport from Holland. Erich was probably born in 1928 and lived about 4 years in Manchester with my father, who now lives in Philadelphia. Please write to

   e-mail: batyawarshowsky@comcast.net

Cohn, Ilse - Born 1924, she came from Essener str., NW Berlin to London in May 1939. Attended New Herrlingen School in Faversham, Kent from October 1939. Any info pls to
   e-mail: hillel@matav.net.il

Cohn, Kaethe -

I wish to contact the heirs or representatives of Cohn, Kaethe (1907-81), née Gassenheimer, wife of Ernst Cohn, born Eschwege, Germany. She moved to Berlin 1925. Author of Escape from Berlin (Victor Gollancz, 1944, under name Catherine Klein). Any info pls to M. Hughes, 4 Becmead Avenue, Harrow HA3 8EY, tel 0208 907 6387, [AUG 08]

   e-mail: humann@mannan.eu

Cohn, Margarete (Maja) - or children Eva Leonore (born 1925) and Hans Georg (born 1927) - widow and children of Dr Felix Benno Cohn, Leipzig, known to have emigrated to Britain in 1939. Information sought for project commemorating Jewish medical practitioners. Information, please
   e-mail: Stadtmuseum.Leipzig@t-online.de

Collins, Lisle - (née Ehrenburg?), a refugee, possibly a Kindertransportee, from Berlin, was at Bunce Court for a short time. She married Captain Leslie Collins RA, who possibly served in Indian army. A daughter born around 1943 was named Margaret and lived in Worthing in 1944-46. Contact desired to share memories of friendship. Any info pls to
   e-mail: alt@leslieturner.org

Cologne - Was anyone there in spring/summer 1939? I am anxious to establish whether and how the local Jewish community helped Austrian refugees in their attempts to cross the border into Belgium. Any information, please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Compensation and restitution claims -

As a historian at the University of Vermont researching the politics of compensation in Anglo-German relations, I would like to talk to Holocaust survivors living in the UK about their experiences on this subject. Please contact Dr Susanna Schrafstetter at

   e-mail: susanna.schrafstetter@uvm.edu

Contribution of German and Austrian refugees to the British Forces in WWII - I am co-authoring a book on this subject. If you came to the UK as a Jewish refugee before 1939 and enlisted in the Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps and/or you were in a fighting unit of the British Forces or intelligence services or ATS during WWII, please write to me
   e-mail: fry@medphys.ucl.ac.uk

Cosman, Rosemary and Templer, Manfred - these Kinder were, I believe, in France during the war, having been sent there from Belgium. They were definitely in England at some point after the war. Manfred Templer may have been in the Merchant Navy or British Navy in the late 1940s. A survivor of a group in France during the war is researching for a book about former Brussels children (mainly from two homes) who ended up in Château La Hille.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Czarny, Getzel and Avram - the children of Leah and David Czarny. The family lived in Czestochowa and Itza (near Radom), Poland. One of their sons was seen during liberation from Blechhammer concentration camp. The other family names are: Blajchman, Krakauer, Szyff, Rekszowicz, Zylbergold, Zajdenberg, Czarny and Majerowicz. Any information, please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

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