Search Notices

For members and others attempting to re-establish contact with friends or family members, the AJR Journal publishes, for a nominal fee, a regular column of search Notices.

Authors, makers of film and television documentaries, researchers and research institutes, academics and students also place notices to request contact from survivors and refugees and invite testimony from members who witnessed the relevant events, as well as to obtain access to original documents, photographs, artefacts and records.

To place a search notice in the next available edition of the AJR Journal please email search@ajr.org.uk

Current search notices appear below.

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6 names beginning with E

Edith Robinsky - My aunt Edith Robinsky taught music at the Judische Volksschule in Berlin until early 1942. If you knew her pls contact Prof Steven Robins at
   e-mail: robins@netactive.co.za

Ellerman, Winifred - I am an author writing on the activities of this English author, who used the pseudonym Bryher. She was a wealthy woman who was said to have helped many to escape the Holocaust between 1930 and 1939 while living in Switzerland.
   e-mail: KorgO@attglobal.net

Emil Bieber , Max Halberstadt, Erich Kastan and Kurt Schallenberg, - Jewish photographers from Hamburg. Photos and other documents sought for exhibition of their work. Contact Wilfried Weinke
   e-mail: weinke@compuserve.com

Enemy alien - I am writing a book on what German and Austrian refugees did in the British Forces from the end of the war until their demobilisation. Many returned to Germany for de-nazification work etc. If you served in the British Forces then as an ‘enemy alien’, pls contact me ASAP: Dr Helen Fry, 38 Temple Gardens, London NW11 OLL.
   e-mail: Dr Helen Fry, 38 Temple Gardens, London NW11 OLL

Erna Ella Rahel Moser -

was born in Berlin on 21 June 1905 and deported from Berlin to Auschwitz on 3 March 1943 (last known address Hohenfriedbergstr. 5, Berlin). For purpose of Stolpersteine, please contact  with any info you may have about her

   e-mail: henning.schmitz@yahoo.de

Ernest Simeon -

For article on Jewish glider pilots at Battle of Arnhem I am searching for info on family of Ernest Simeon, who was killed in that battle, and his late brother. Pls contact Martin Sugarman (AJEX Museum Archives) at

   e-mail: martin.sugarman@yahoo.co.uk

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