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Search Notices

For members and others attempting to re-establish contact with friends or family members, the AJR Journal publishes, for a nominal fee, a regular column of search Notices.

Authors, makers of film and television documentaries, researchers and research institutes, academics and students also place notices to request contact from survivors and refugees and invite testimony from members who witnessed the relevant events, as well as to obtain access to original documents, photographs, artefacts and records.

To place a search notice in the next available edition of the AJR Journal please email search@ajr.org.uk

Current search notices appear below.

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25 names beginning with R

Rabbi Dr Schonfeld -

Inspire, an agency dedicated to producing campaigns/events/films, are working with Hasmonean High School on a project on Rabbi Dr Schonfeld. I am seeking to locate children he brought primarily over to the UK. Any info please to Clive Braude at

   e-mail: clive@youinspire.me.uk

Rabbis from Germany in British Exile from the 1930s -

Doctoral student at Sussex University seeks info (personal experiences, anecdotes, papers, sermons, photos, etc). Please contact

   e-mail: astrid.zajdband@hotmail.com

Rauchwerger, Eva -

left Nitra, Czechoslovakia with Kindertransport in 1938 or 1939. Lived with her family in Equador till after the war. Later, may have lived in Israel or New Jersey. Any info pls to Alice Hodan Herz at


   e-mail: alicehodan@sympatico.ca

Ravensbrück - I am searching for survivors of this camp for a book. Also, further to a notice last December, I am still searching for survivors of the Jewish Hospital in Berlin. Some readers called about the Jewish Hospital but failed to reach me. Pls email me at
   e-mail: Sarah¬¬_¬helm@btconnect.com

Reens, Abraham and family - in wartime Amsterdam, especially his eldest son Robert, my late husband, who came to England in 1958 and died here of wartime ill-treatment. The Maror Bureau have recognised my claim for our daughter and myself. Information, please
   e-mail: cissbee@yahoo.co.uk

Refugee women -

I am a historian searching for refugee women who worked or trained in Britain as nurses in 1933-48. Any info please to Tashia Scott at

   e-mail: tscott@brookes.ac.uk or at stsctt1@yahoo.co.uk

Refugees from Hitler in Northern Ireland/Millisle Refugee Farm -

I am a student researching the story of German-speaking refugees, in particular Kindertransportees, in Northern Ireland. Any info please to Martti Steinke, Belfast tel (0044) 773 279 9559 or at

   e-mail: marttisteinke@ymail.com

refugees in Portugal in WWII -

I am a Portuguese journalist wishing to contact refugees in Portugal in WWII for a book project. If you have any stories, memories, documents, pictures etc, please contact Carlos Guerreiro at

   e-mail: carlosj_guerreiro@sapo.pt

refugees in Portugal in WWII -

I am a Portuguese journalist wishing to contact refugees in Portugal in WWII for a book project. If you have any stories, memories, documents, pictures etc, please contact Carlos Guerreiro at

   e-mail: carlosj_guerreiro@sapo.pt

Regent's Park School - Has anyone memories, fond or otherwise, of this school, run by Alma and Bruno Schindler (formerly of Leipzig) in the 1930s at 5 Maresfield Gardens, London NW3 and later evacuated to Slough? Any information please
   e-mail: strausshaus@mindspring.com

Regina -

My late wife Regina attended Sunray School in Parrenporth and
was among a group of children who came to England from Germany in 1938. Any info about those children to Louis Kleinman, 5104 Robino Circle, West Palm Beach, Florida 33417, USA

   e-mail: lureg8@yahoo.com

Reitzenstein (von), Hans-Joachim - My mother Marlies Fricke (née Brohmer) - born 1926, is looking for Hans-Joachim (von) Reitzenstein , born 13.2.1945 in Potsdam, or information about his uncle or grandmother. Hans-Joachim is the only son of her friend Josephine Reitzenstein (Scharfenberg) who died in England in October 1948. Information, please  
   e-mail: b.brohmer@web.de

Renate -

My mother, Renate, from Teplitz, was a pupil at Upper Chine School, Isle of Wight, until 1939 then lived in London until 1947. If you have any info on her or on the life led by young girls in similar circumstances please contact Hugh Wilson at

   e-mail: mcharg-wilson@telus.net

Richard Wagner - Writer/researcher seeks information, especially anecdotes/recollections, on perceptions of Wagner during Nazi era, especially explanations of why he is so associated with Nazis and Holocaust. Contact Richard Burger.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Risa - came to England a refugee from Austria. Well-known at Austrian Centre during war. Lived St. Stephen’s Gardens, London W2. Married to Englishman, one daughter. Later married fellow refugee. Information on her whereabouts, please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Robinsky, Edith - My friend was a Kindertransport child. She lived with a family in England (the lady’s name was Phoebe). Any info pls
   e-mail: robins@netactive.co.za

Rosenberg, Hans - I am seeking proof my father was deprived of German citizenship. He came to South Africa in 1939. Info pls to Hans Rosenberg
   e-mail: hans@capehols.co.za

Rosenfeld, Lotte -

Born 8/8/22 in Aaachen, Rhineland, emigrated to England in 1938-39, possibly on Kindertransport. Any info pls to Stefan Kahlen at

   e-mail: ccalen@web.de

Rosenfeld, Martin - born 28.7.1873 Schwersenz, died 11.9.1962 Richmond, Surrey, UK. Father’s name Samuel Rosenfeld (Rabbi). Spouse Marie Rosenfeld (née Cohn), born October 1884 St Petersburg, died 23.4.1967 Richmond. Martin one of 13 children, born in ‘Polish corridor’. Attended university in Charlottenburg, Germany, graduated 20.3.1906. They had daughter, Mia, in May 1924. She married John Harvey in October 1944, settled in Richmond. John and Mia Harvey had Linda (30.12.1950), David (11.9.1954), Alice (15.2.1957). There are brothers of Martin in America but unknown who or where they are. Their names include Julius, Leo, Albert, Ernst (who died in concentration camp). We have portrait of Samuel painted by Boris Pasternak 1906. Any related Rosenfelds from Germany or America, please contact Rebecca Riley.
   e-mail: mail@englishteacher.fslife.co.uk

Rosenkranz - I, Gita Ringsell, née Rosenkranz - was born 02.01.1927 in Teplitz-Schoau, Czechoslovakia. My brother, Martin Rosenkranz, was born 1931. My parents were Joseph and Charlotte (née Teitelbaum) Rosenbaum. Charlotte had three sisters: Rosa Teitelbaum (married name Webber), Clara Teitelbaum (had two children: Edmund and Eli), and Lola Teitelbaum. Any info on any of the above, pls contact me
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Rosenschein, Leon - b. April 1932 in Duisburg, Kindertransportee to UK via Holland. Information please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Rosenthal, Hermann - born 27.7.1878 - Witten-Annen, Germany, died 25.4.1968 and wife Emmy née Lion, born 20.10.1885. Last known address 25 Hilton Crescent, Prestwich, Manchester, Lancs. He came to England in 1939. Kohlberg, Ida née Rosenthal - born 19.5.1893. Came to England 1948. Address in 1962: 145 Grove Ends Garden, London NW8. Gertrude, Brown, née Rosenthal - sister of Ida Kohlberg. Jacobs, Emmi - born 24.5.1931, came on Kindertransport to England? I am working on documentary about Jewish citizens of Waltrop. Information, please contact Karl-Heinz Schomberg
   e-mail: heidecrew@aol.com

Rowden Hall Hostel, Margate - Information sought from boys at Rowden Hall Hostel, Margate. Please contact Bernd Koschland
   e-mail: nisraf@compuchange.co.uk

Royal Victoria Patriotic School (also known as the London Reception Centre) - In WW2 some refugees to the UK were initially sent for screening to the Royal Victoria Patriotic School (also known as the London Reception Centre) on Wandsworth Common. Anyone with info on any individuals or other organisations whose members might have spent time at this building on arrival in the UK, pls email


   e-mail: simonmcnr@aol.com

Rushen camp, Port Erin and Port St Mary's -

.I am a children's author based in the Yorkshire Dales researching a book about a boy interned on the Isle of Man in 1940. I would like to trace people interned in Rushen camp, Port Erin and Port St Mary's. Please contact me at

   e-mail: robertbullock721@btinternet.com

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