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Bank charges

At the instigation of the AJR, the British Bankers Association has produced a set of guidelines to ensure that no commission charges should be deducted from compensation payments made to Holocaust survivors or their heirs living in Great Britain. If charges are taken, the BBA guidelines (click here) explain how to apply for a refund. …link

Pension life certificates

The AJR is now able to notarise life certificates for all German and Austrian social security and compensation pensions. …link

French railway litigation

In a setback to the families of Holocaust victims hoping to claim compensation from the French government and railways (SNCF) a judge, at the end of March, overturned a ruling that French railways must compensate the family of a Jewish man transported to an internment camp in Nazi-occupied France. …read more

Austrian restitution website

Austria has created an online database containing information about objects of art and other cultural items that were likely to have been expropriated between 1938 and 1945, when Austria became a part of Nazi Germany. …read more

Generali insurance

Although the deadline to submit applications for an insurance policy sold by the Italian insurer, Assicurazioni Generali, expired on 31 March 2007, it still might be possible to submit a claim until June 2008 provided the claims are based on documents obtained from the ITS archive, see above story. …read more

The International Tracing Service of the Red Cross

Under the terms of an agreement between the 11 governments that control the archive of the International Tracing Service of the Red Cross, the entire collection of records pertaining to some 17 million displaced victims of the Holocaust and the Second World War are expected to be fully scanned and more publicly available by the end of this year. …read more

Hungarian Compensation

The deadline to apply for the Hungarian government compensation programme expired on 31 December 2006. Under the terms of the law that provides for the compensation, the Hungarian government will make lump sum awards of $1,800 (HUF 400,000) to the living spouse, child or parent of a Holocaust victim who died due to the ‘political despotism of the Hungarian authority or an official person, or if the injured person died during deportation or forced labour ’. …read more

Vienna visit

Vienna visit

Following on from the successful trip to Berlin last May, members of the AJR made a cultural visit to Vienna at the end of April. The four day programme included a classical tour of Vienna, a visit to the city’s museums as well as the Jewish Museum and other places of Jewish interest. …read more

Child Survivor Association joins AJR

Child Survivor Association joins AJR

The Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR) is delighted to announce that the Child Survivor Association (CSA) of Great Britain has joined the AJR as a Special Interest Group. …read more